What does Cheers and MC Hammer Have in Common With Great  Diesel Service?

The top song  in 1990 was “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, diesel was $.48/litre and Cheers was the top sitcom on TV.

1990 also is when Trudy Mulder began working at Western Turbo. 

Trudy’s journey with Western Turbo has a lot in common with what was popular that year as a young woman graduating from Diesel Service at Red River College.

She quickly became part of the Western Turbo team, and part of the family.  That’s one of the reasons that Trudy has enjoyed her Western journey… “It’s the people that make the difference”.  She was thankful that she was able to learn so much about diesel service from her colleagues, and quickly rose up the Western Turbo ranks. 

Now in her third decade with Western, Trudy is proud to carry on the tradition of sharing her knowledge with coworkers and is quick to offer a warm smile and a “cheers” to new Western Turbo employees, and that is why it only made sense that she has become the Lead Technician in the Fuel Shop.

Her attitude and dedication to the Western team “can’t be touched” according to GM Carey Ann Sandell. She adds; “We  hope Trudy is with us for the next 30 years… “