Western Turbo – Not Your Typical Diesel Shop!

If you call Western Turbo and ask for service, chances are you will be talking to Beth, an experienced diesel service member with 10+ years of diesel experience.

Ask Beth about her success in a typical job occupied by a man and she will let you know that the big reason is the Western Turbo team.  “There is a lot of knowledge here, and everyone is happy and willing to share it.” Another factor is the culture at Western Turbo – where Beth suggests that it feels more like a family than a business. Beth adds; “Western has a family feel to it – it makes it more personable for both the team and the customer”.

Being more personable means going the extra mile for customers.  Beth remembers a time when she gave a customer a ride back and forth to her hotel while her diesel was being serviced at Western;  “We all want to do the right thing – sometimes that means doing the little extras that mean so much to a customer”.

See how Western can make your day Customer service that way you expect…and deserve.